Spiritual Counseling

A conscious world starts with conscious people.

“From the vantage point of Spiritual Psychology, we see that we are Souls who have come here in this lifetime to fulfill Spiritual curriculum. As Spiritual beings, our primary goal is not to change life on this earth. Rather, life on this earth exists the way it does to provide us with experiences through which we can transform ourselves—meaning learning to express the essence of who we are in fuller and deeper ways. And the best description of our inherent nature is that we are, at our core, comprised of the energy we call Loving. So Spiritual Awakening is about becoming more and more aware of our nature as Loving beings. The irony is that the only way life on this earth transforms is when enough people transform themselves. It’s from this place of inner transformation that we can make a meaningful contribution in our world.” —H. Ronald Hulnick, Ph.D. President, USM

Spiritual counseling is a loving, authentic holding for the truth of who you are, a divine being having a human experience. Amy has a master’s in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica. Her counseling approach is a sacred opportunity for clients to unravel their earth’s curriculum. By using every day upsets as an opportunity to clarify and release judgments we hold against others and ourselves, we are gifted an opportunity to elevate in consciousness and move more deeply into our loving nature.

The tools of spiritual counseling are gently woven into each session with Amy. The work is always client led and goes deeper when the client wishes to go deeper. Some prefer to incorporate this journey into their bodywork experience on the treatment table. Others prefer to sit in a chair and focus on building tools. Amy works with children, adults, and couples.